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Simulation-driven design
for small and mid-sized manufacturers.

Create better items faster

Model your products in just a few clicks and solve problems before you build.

With simulation-driven design, businesses can deliver higher-quality, lower-cost products to market faster than competitors who rely upon traditional design approaches. AweSim provides the modeling & simulation answer to the product-development challenges of smaller companies.
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Develop innovative apps

Access HPC resources to equip your clients with simulation-driven design.

Harness the power of high performance computing to create innovative solutions to your clients' product development dilemmas. An AweSim partnership can lead to the development of innovative apps that increase efficiencies, enhance design and reduce costs.
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Team up with OSC, P&G, Intel, Nimbis, TotalSim, AltaSim and Kinetic Vision.

These AweSim partners have committed substantial resources to design and deliver cloud-based manufacturing apps to reduce the barriers often preventing smaller companies from adopting modeling & simulation in their product prototyping process.
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Tom Lange“It is vital that small and medium-sized businesses have access to the powerful computational and storage resources large businesses use. Those resources can fuel the more precise and accurate models necessary to mimic the actual results of physical tests commonly used to innovate.”

Tom Lange, Director, Modeling & Simulation Corporate R&D, P&G

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